3 Keys for a Successful Workout

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3 Keys for a Successful Workout

Want to have a great workout every day you train, follow the 3 keys below ↓


1. Have a plan

The most important thing to having a successful workout starts with having a plan of exactly what you're going to do while working out. There are hundreds of plans out there on sites like bodybuilding.com and even workouts we post on our Instagram @BuiltBox. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what plan you follow as long as you follow something and stick with it.


2. Time your Rests

Most people spend their rest times talking with workout partners or other friends at the gym. Before they realize it's time to get back to their next set or exercise 5 minutes has gone by. Time your rest and once the timer goes off get back to work, no excuses. 

3. No bullshit

Simply put, many people bullshit their workouts by not doing the first two key for a successful workout. If they end up doing the first two keys then they often neglect the third which is no bullshit. No bullshit means don't waste your time working out if you are not going to give it your all. You are only going to workout for 30 minutes to an hour so give it all you have.

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