Secret to Muscle Growth & Killer Workouts

I've been trying a new method to hopefully maximize the amount of muscle mass I can put on FAST... It's working surprisingly well actually, insane pump and veins poppin'


I wanted to take a minute to drop some golden nuggets on my method and process.


What this training philosophy will do:

  • Help Mind to Muscle contractions
  • Increase muscle size & vascularity
  • Reduce any lifting ego you may have

Alright, let's just into the bread and butter.

Okay, we have all been lifting some weights, let's take the Incline Bench Press for example. Most people typically pick a weight they can do 10 reps with without too much effort on the last 3-5 reps.

Now that's fine to do but you won't be maximizing muscle growth. 

Have you ever been lifting and start to feel your muscles tingling like the fibers within are spreading apart? That's the start of the hypertrophy process, micro-tears in your muscles.

It's funny because a lot of people stop their sets when they start that to feel that. But, here's what I've been doing.

I'll even out it in the simplest way possible because everyone needs to try this!

Whatever exercise you're doing or rep range when you start to feel the micro tears and your muscles pumping up. that's when your set begins!

I don't care if you have to drop the weight a couple pounds to finish those reps but you have to get them done ASAP after that feeling starts!

Let me give you an example:

If I am doing Incline Bench Press and my goal is to hit 8 reps for 185lbs. Once I start to feel the micro tears & pump, I need to at least get another 5 reps in. Sometimes I may have to drop the weight but typically I will push through the amazing feeling that a pump gives. 

It's really quite simple. "Don't stop under 3-5 reps after the pump starts to kick in" or "Your set starts when you want to stop!"

This philosophy has helped me tremendously with mind muscle connection and overall badass pumps!

Not to mention, new veins popping up daily in placing they haven't before!

Give this training method a try and let me know what you think! 

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