Bicep Blaster

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The Bicep Blaster is an old-school bodybuilding technique to really isolate the biceps for MAXIMUM PUMP. It is a simple harness with a metal plate. The harness slides over your neck, allowing you to lock your arms into the grooved sections of each side of the arm demolisher’s metal plate. 

This is a fantastic and essential piece of kit to have in your toolbox. It provides greater isolation, which means greater tension and stress on the biceps muscles. Greater stress on the muscle equals more potential growth of your biceps.


  • Contoured plate isolates arms and shoulders while keeping back and elbows locked in position for curling exercises
  • Thick metal groves for safety and comfort
  • Fully adjustable harness
  • Enhances Bicep Curls


  • One size fits all, contours to your body shape.