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One of the really cool things about the fitness industry is the community that people join when getting into fitness for the first time!

We want everyone to feel encouraged to attack their fitness goals head on and with the right supplies at hand. Built Box is an awesome gift for someone who is on the fence about getting starting with a healthier & fit lifestyle. 

Whether it be for yourself, a parent, friends, or family Built Box  will have the essentials to get fired up about fitness.


If you are already an active gym goer, sign up for awesome sh*t or gift a box to a friend :)


What's Included:
▪️ Complete Supplements Guide
▪️ Exclusive Content via Email
▪️ Monthly Fitness Care Package - (supplements, healthy snacks, apparel, lifting gear, etc.)


Every box is packed with over $80 of the most BADASS fitness products.


Check out our FAQs Page if you have any questions!